Political Forum: Addressing Uganda’s Political Climate

The Ugandan North American Association’s Executive Committee condemns in the strongest terms possible:

  • The excessive use of force by security forces in arresting alleged protesters, honorable members of parliament and journalists.
  • The torture of suspects.
  • The continued incarceration of suspects with little or no access to proper health care and their support system of attorneys/family/friends.
  • The on-going incarceration and trial of Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu – a civilian – in a military barracks and Court Martial, respectively.

The political forum at the upcoming UNAA convention in Seattle this year may well turn out to be the most intense and contentious political forum in UNAA history. While the situation in Uganda continues to change by the minute, it is nevertheless expected that several senior leaders from the Uganda Government will attend the convention.  These include the Speaker of the Uganda Parliament, a mixed delegation of NRM and opposition members of parliament, at least one cabinet minister, and Uganda’s Ambassador to the United States.

In light of the accumulated history of persecution of prominent opposition leaders and the on-going crisis in Uganda, what do these members of Uganda’s leadership have to say to members of the Uganda Diaspora?  And when seated in the same room, literally face-to-face with these individuals, what do members of the Uganda Diaspora present at the forum want to ask of these leaders?

  • Is there are workable solution to the impasse or should we expect more of the same?  
  • Does the Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament have a responsibility to protect the lives and ensure the health and wellbeing of members of parliament?
  • What is the Speaker doing to address the situations of Hon. Zakke and Hon. Ssentamu.
  • Is the promise of democracy dead for Uganda?  
  • What role should the Uganda Diaspora play in helping to address these issues?

Join us this coming Labor Day weekend as we ask the visiting politicians from Uganda to address these and other very contentious issues during the Political Forum at the 30th Annual  UNAA Convention in Seattle.

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