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UNAA is pleased to introduce a new feature at the annual trade and investments forum – the VENTURE PODIUM.

Some of you may be familiar with the very popular TV show “Shark Tank” which features aspiring entrepreneurs as they make business presentations to a panel of five “shark” investors who then choose whether to invest as business partners.  UNAA’s VENTURE PODIUM is modeled after this very popular show.

VENTURE PODIUM is a period of time that has been set aside in the afternoon session of the UNAA Trade and Investments Forum where aspiring entrepreneurs in our community will be given an opportunity to stand in front of and pitch their business ideas to the entire gathering.  Presenters may pitch their ideas in search of investors or merely to solicit feedback on a potential project or venture already underway.

It is our pleasure to announce that several projects have already been proposed for this session.

  1. A partnership to buy and rent property in Uganda.
  2. A partnership to buy and rent property in the US.
  3. A partnership to buy land and develop affordable housing in Uganda
  4. A partnership to engage in food grain purchase, processing, storage and resale in Uganda.

Anyone who would like to make a presentation in this session should send an email with a summary of their project to  Projects can be in Uganda or anywhere in North America.  Presenters can also come from Uganda or North America.

So join us in Seattle this coming Labor Day weekend for the 10th Annual Trade and Investments Forum at the UNAA Convention.

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