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2019 Election Results

The 2019 UNAA Election Results were released on September 1st 2019 by UNAA EC Chairman Ivan Mwanja. “The UNAA Electoral Commission appreciates UNAA Board of Trustees, UNAA Executive, UNAA Council, and UNAA Members and Associates of Ugandan North American Association for the opportunity and trust accorded us to conduct the 2019 elections in Chicago, Illinois, USA,” Mwanja said. “This year, UNAA had various candidates running for various positions. We thank the candidates who offered to participate in this year’s elections. Your participation contributed immensely to the success of our 2019 UNAA Electoral process.”

Please see below the full statement from the UNAA EC Chairman.




Voters Register and Voting Process – UNAA Elections 2019

The UNAA Electoral Commission would like to inform you that deadline to register to vote in the 2019 UNAA Elections in Chicago was August 1st 2019. Registration to vote is officially closed.

To all those who did not register to vote in the 2019 UNAA Elections, please do not show up at the polling station.

The UNAA Electoral Commission will continue to upload an ethical code of conduct and adhere to its values of transparency, fairness, integrity and independence.





The 2nd Venture Podium at UNAA Chicago 2019

The Ugandan North American Association invites you to the second VENTURE PODIUM which will be held during the Trade and Investments Forum at its 31st UNAA Convention in Chicago, IL on Friday August 30, 2019.


At what was then called the “Business and Entrepreneurship Workshop” held during the 2004 UNAA Convention in Seattle, attendees were challenged to form an investment group.  This challenge raised $80,000.00 with which the group bought a building in Kampala from which they very happily derive rental income to this day.

In response to a presentation on IT opportunities at the 2009 UNAA convention in Chicago, a Los Angeles based engineering firm entered into an agreement with a local Ugandan company for the provision of technical support services.  Today this Ugandan company provides about $250,000 worth of technical support services annually to several clients in the US.

In response to a presentation by the Chancellor of Gulu University at the 2011 UNAA Convention, an attendee from Canada built 2 student hostels units near the campus and is enjoying very profitable returns.

These are just some of the more visible outcomes of past workshops at UNAA conventions.

The venture podium is a period of time that has been set aside in the afternoon session of the Trade and Investments Forum where aspiring entrepreneurs in our community will be given an opportunity to stand in front of and pitch their business ideas to the entire gathering.  Presenters may pitch their ideas in search of investors, partners or merely to solicit feedback on a potential project or venture already underway.

But it is important to put this venture podium feature in perspective.  The business outcomes highlighted above were the result of individuals taking the independent initiative to act in response to information presented in the forums.  The Chancellor of Gulu University came to the convention and made a presentation on a specific business opportunity.  An attendee was attracted by the opportunity and acted upon it.

It is important to note that this will not be a contest with a pot of money on the line for the winners.  This will be a time set aside for people to present their ideas or projects to a gathering of people from a wide spectrum of backgrounds including government officials (from both Uganda and North America), existing business owners, other entrepreneurs, academicians, and others.  Any of these could become investors, partners or active advisors in any of the projects presented and presenters will have an opportunity to further network during a reception to be held after the forum and throughout the rest of the convention.

So anyone who would like to make a presentation in this session should send an email with a summary of their project to venturepodium@unaaonline.org.  Projects can be in Uganda or anywhere in North America.  Presenters can also come from Uganda or North America.

So join us in Chicago this coming Labor Day weekend for the 2nd Venture Podium that will be held during the 11th Annual Trade and Investments Forum at the 2019 UNAA Convention.

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine to speak at 2019 UNAA Convention

Highly rated actor, photographer and filmmaker Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine will be the keynote speaker at the 2019 UNAA Convention’s Annual UNAA Gala and Fundraising Dinner. Ntare is Uganda’s Cultural Tourism Goodwill Ambassador and currently stars on acclaimed TV Series The Chi.

A first generation Ugandan – American, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine has been documenting the lives of Ugandans for the past eighteen years through the mediums of photography, theatre and film. His work has featured on HBO’s television series Six Feet Under and also exhibited worldwide.  He is the Director of award winning documentary Beware of Time NAACP Image Award nominee for Best Actor. He is currently featured on acclaimed television series Chi.

His most extensive documentation on Uganda has been in the field of photography. His work has featured on HBO’s television series Six Feet Under and also exhibited at the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, The Latino Art Museum, The United Nations, Rush Arts Gallery and Museum Africa in Johannesburg to name a few. For further details on his photographic work please visit http://www.GumaDesign.com.

Ntare received his Masters Degree of Fine Arts in Acting from New York University and completed studies at The Moscow Arts Theatre in Russia, The Royal National Theatre in London and The University of Virginia. His first effort as a playwright is Biro, a multi-media solo performance piece, which held its World Premiere at Uganda’s National Theater in January 2003. The play subsequently premiered in London, then in New York at The Public Theater where it made The New York Times critics pick list. On May 2, 2004, a 30 minute version of the play was broadcast throughout Africa by the BBC African Services. At the invitation of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and Jeffrey Sachs of the Earth Institute, Biro was performed at the 2004 African Union summit meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to an audience that included UN Secretary General Kofi Annan as well thirty African Heads of State. The play premiered at The Market Theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2004 and then toured through Durban and Mafikeng. Ntare’s other acting credits include leading roles at The Steppenwolf Theatre, The Kennedy Center, The Lincoln Center, ACT, The Long Wharf Theatre and the National Tour of Six Degrees of Separation for which he received an NAACP Image Award nomination for Best Actor. TV credits include ER, CSI and Law & Order.

Ntare’s first effort as filmmaker is a documentary entitled Beware Of Time, which exposes the lives of HIV positive Ugandans, and the crimes of a brutal war ravaging northern Uganda. The film received its first broadcast in Uganda and subsequently screened at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles and the Black International Cinema in Berlin where it was selected as Best film on matters relating to Marginalized People.

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Business Opportunities at UNAA Chicago 2019

Hello. I’d like to share with you the exciting business opportunities that UNAA Chicago 2019 has to offer – especially to SMEs.

1. Stand out at the Discover Uganda Exhibition

This year’s vendor exhibition has been given a new name because it is getting a major marketing push. UNAA has invited non-Ugandan residents of Chicago and nearby cities to come to this exhibition via Eventbrite and local media. This is a great opportunity for tours and travel companies, startups that are looking for funding, businesses that aid trade with Africa such as banks and money transfer services, and others that are looking for partnerships. With a major focus on presentation and branding, we plan to make sure that your businesses stand out.

Some of the confirmed participating companies in this year’s event include PostBank Uganda, Housing Finance Uganda, Kafeero Foundation, Equity Bank Uganda, DOXA Connections, Uganda Tourism Board, Fakhruddin Properties, as well as numerous diaspora-based businesses that will be highlighted in a separate post.

Take advantage of this great opportunity by registering your business as a vendor on this page: https://www.unaaonline.org/event/2019-unaa-convention-chicago/. Look for “Vendor Registration”

2. Advertise in the 2019 Convention Program Book

Advertising in the convention program book is a great opportunity to put your business in the palms of every convention delegate. Also, for the first time ever, this year’s convention program book will be made available in digital format. Here are the rates for advertising in the 2019 UNAA Convention Program Book.

Full Page: $1,000 USD
1/2 Page: $600 USD
1/4 Page: $350 USD
1/8 Page: $200 USD

To learn more about getting your ad in the 2019 program book, contact us here: https://www.unaaonline.org/contact-us/

3. Participate and Network at the 2019 Uganda-North America Trade and Investment Forum

The Trade and Investment Forum is a great opportunity to meet fellow professionals and business people, meet business leaders that can help you take your business game to the next level, learn about new trade and investment opportunities and meet potential investors and business partners. This full-day event features panels on trade and investment, speeches from motivational speakers and business leaders, and a networking lunch.

It is free to attend for registered convention delegates, and costs $50 to attend if you are not registered. You can visit this link to register: https://www.unaaonline.org/event/2019-unaa-convention-chicago/.

4. Pitch your startup at the T & I Forum’s Venture Podium

The last part of the Trade and Investment Forum features a venture podium – the UNAA Convention’s own Shark Tank. Introduced by former president Moses Wilson, the venture podium allows startups and SMEs to pitch their ideas or businesses to potential investors in order to generate funding for growth. This is a great time to seek investment from Ugandans living in the diaspora – the US economy is on the rise and Uganda is shaping up to be a major entrepreneurship hub given its young and innovative population.

Learn more about presenting at the Venture Podium by clicking this link: https://www.unaaonline.org/submit-proposals-for-2019-venture-podium/

5. Sign up for Professionals Connect

Our professionals and entrepreneurs network (UNAA Professionals Connect) has been steadily growing. We plan to have our first social event at the 2019 UNAA Convention. Meet like-minded people and make great connections over cocktails. This is a networking opportunity that will keep on giving as it grows. Sign up for Professionals Connect by clicking this link: https://www.unaaonline.org/about-unaa/unaa-programs/unaa-professionals-connect/

6. Various Event Sponsorship Opportunities

The UNAA Convention has various sponsorship opportunities and our team is glad to point you to the right opportunity for your business. Sponsorship opportunities help you stand out by giving you a unique platform from the various events that happen at the convention.

Here are some sponsorship opportunities:

Blanket UNAA Convention Sponsorship
Miss Uganda North America
Trade and Investment Forum
Discover Uganda Exhibition
Dinner Boat Cruise

Here are some sponsorship benefits:

Adverts in the UNAA Convention Program Book and the Miss Uganda North America Contestants Magazine
Outstanding presence on UNAA Convention marketing signage
On-screen adverts during events (including lunches, dinners, Trade and Investment Forum,  Miss Uganda North America)
Event Red Carets
Speaking opportunities during events
Ongoing marketing on UNAA and Miss Uganda North America websites

On top of Chicago being an attractive city and the UNAA brand being on the rise, the Chicago Convention will also be an election convention. That means maximum attendance. Take advantage of the above business opportunities and let us build together! Contact us if you have any questions.

Presented by
Julius Kabugu

Julius Kabugu is the current Communications Director for the Ugandan North American Association. He’s a software engineer and semi-professional photographer. He is also a co-founder and the marketing and communications director of the Miss Uganda North America Leadership Program. He is also a proud husband and father of 3, living in Austin, Texas.

Submit Proposals for 2019 Venture Podium

UNAA is pleased to announce that the Venture Podium will be back at the 2019 Trade and Investment Forum.

The VENTURE PODIUM is a period of time that has been set aside in the afternoon session of the UNAA Trade and Investments Forum where aspiring entrepreneurs in our community will be given an opportunity to stand in front of and pitch their business ideas to the entire gathering.  Presenters may pitch their ideas in search of investors or merely to solicit feedback on a potential project or venture already underway.

It is our pleasure to announce that several projects have already been proposed for this session.

  1. A partnership to buy and rent property in Uganda.
  2. A partnership to buy and rent property in the US.
  3. A partnership to buy land and develop affordable housing in Uganda
  4. A partnership to engage in food grain purchase, processing, storage and resale in Uganda.

Anyone who would like to make a presentation in this session should send an email with a summary of their project to venturepodium@unaaonline.org.  Projects can be in Uganda or anywhere in North America.  Presenters can also come from Uganda or North America and must be registered convention delegates.

Candidates for UNAA Elections 2019

To: All UNAA Members and Nominated Candidates for 2019 UNAA Elections
Re: Official Announcement of Candidates for 2019 UNAA Elections
Dated: June 4th 2019

Dear UNAA Members,

Pursuant to the UNAA Constitution and the 2019 UNAA Electoral Commission Processes and Guidelines, the Electoral Commission has completed its mandated obligation of certifying candidates and would like to announce that each of the candidates listed is now officially cleared and certified to run and campaign for the position stated in his/her manifesto. 2019 UNAA campaigns are officially open.

Electoral Commission received 48 nominee applications. 47 were validated and cleared only one candidate did not appear on the member’s list hence could not be cleared by the EC.

Candidates are reminded to familiarize themselves with election procedures and guidelines. The 2019 UNAA EC Process and Guidelines document is attached for reference purposes. In this document, the section titled, “Election Day Processes and Procedures” will serve as a guide for election activities that will follow.

We thank all 2019 Candidates and wish them luck.


Frank Musisi
Henrietta Wamala
John Julius Muwulya
Patrick Ogwang

Vice President

Alex Semwanga
Damiano G. Kigoye
John Bisegerwa
Kasaija Kugonza
Lydia Natoolo

Executive Secretary

Abu-Baker Mulumba
John Mutyaba
Lambert Etibot


Allan Mugisa
David Matanda
Godfrey Nyenje

USA Female Youth Representative

Mary Tracy Nalwadda
Mukisa Kibaya

USA Male Youth Representative

Cyrus Mukisa
Kennedy Ddamba
Kizito Kibyami

Canada Female Youth Representative

Norah Aliyah Namuyanja
Sarah Namukasa Avaru

Canada Male Youth Representative

Collins Stuart Katende

Regional Representatives

New England

Bernard Kamya Katende
Mauren Asiimwe Kalemba

Mid Atlantic 1

Timothy Kazinduka

Mid Atlantic 2

Albert Bakasara Kazooba
Karamagi Rujumba

South East

Adoch Oryema Acemah
Georgina Kirunda

Southwest 1

Edward Abili
Dunstan Kigenyi
Mike Mukasa

Southwest 2

Daphine Kirungi
Joseph Wlliam Kamugisha

Great Lakes

Abigail M. Ojala
Josephine M Matovu
Winifred Muyingo

Central Plains

James William Mugeni

Rocky Mountains

Irene Serunkuma
Paul Nteyafa

North Pacific

Moses Kabala Ganafa
Madinah Nalwadda

South Pacific 1

No nominees submitted.

South Pacific 2

Amos Kigenyi
Florence Ssemanda Clay

Canada Atlantic

No nominees submitted.

Canada Central 1

No nominees submitted.

Canada Central 2

Solome Nanvule

Canada Prairies Prairies

No nominees submitted.

Canada Mountain

No nominees submitted.

Canada Pacific

Justus Mirembe






Respectfully submitted,

Herbert Twase
UNAA-EC Secretary

UNAA Elections 2019: Voter Checklist and FAQs

To: All UNAA Members
From: Herbert Twase, UNAA-EC Secretary
Date: May 1st, 2019

Re: Voter Checklist and FAQs.

Dear UNAA Members: Greetings from the UNAA Electoral Commission (UNAA-EC)!

It is important to know your voting rights and to ensure that you are eligible to vote in the upcoming 2019 UNAA Elections.

Please click the link below to download the UNAA Elections Voter Checklist and Frequently Asked Questions.

DOWNLOAD Voter Checklist and FAQs

Respectfully submitted,

Herbert Twase
UNAA-EC Secretary

2019 UNAA Convention: Meet the 700 seater Odyssey Dinner Cruise

Unmatched views of Chicago’s world-famous skyline await you. From the Willis Tower, the John Hancock, to the Shedd Aquarium, Aon Center and much more. Set off from the breathtaking Navy Pier aboard the Odyssey Dinner Cruise and sail off on a 3-hour escape from the city. With 4 floors of entertainment, including a VIP section where you will get to mingle with the artistes, there is entertainment for everyone.

Enjoy dinner at a window and take in Chicago’s skyline, or go out to the deck and feel the beautiful Lake Michigan breeze. Either way, the Odyssey on Lake Michigan is where you will want to be on the evening of Saturday August 31st 2019. Tickets on sale now. Check out the video below.

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