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Terrewode Fistula Hospital to Launch in August

On behalf of the leadership and membership of UNAA, we would like to congratulate our friends at The Association for Rehabilitation and Re-Orientation of Women for Development (TERREWODE) upon achieving a major milestone in their fight to save women suffering from Fistula. Founder and Executive Director Mrs Alice Emasu Seruyange has announced that the hospital project (Terrewode Women’s Community Hospital) will officially open on August 16th, 2019.

The Terrewode Fistula Hospital will be the first in East Africa and only the third in Africa.

The hospital, whose Phase 1 cost was 4.2 Billion Uganda Shillings, will replicate the model of care provided by the world-famous Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia. It will be the first in East Africa and the third in Africa.

According to Terrewode’s website, “The community is excited to have a medical facility that focuses on women’s health – repairing fistulas, and with holistic health care, assuring that the woman is supported pre- and post- surgery, so that she can have a successful reintegration into her community. The medical director is hired, and staff positions are being filled.”

As long term partners, well wishers and friends of Terrewode, UNAA is delighted about this achievement and pledges to continue supporting the project and the hospital even after its launch to ensure its continued success.

For more updates on this project and to continue supporting Terrewode, visit their website at https://www.ugandafistulafund.org.

Groundbreaking for TERREWODE Women’s Hospital

The Uganda Fistula Fund of Terrewode team returned from Uganda recently where they attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the Dedicated Fistula hospital in Soroti, Uganda. It took place on the six acres TERREWODE owns for the hospital (provided by you! – supporters of UFF). Through UNAA’s Buy a Brick Campaign & the Sunday dinner fundraising in Miami last year, many of you contributed towards this project. Most of our contributions have been through awareness & we raised close to $10,000 which went towards the $1.5 million which kicked off the project construction. At the ground breaking, over 400 members of the community attended the outdoor celebration, held on a tented area where the hospital is being built.

Women who are fistula survivors, their families, community leaders, and members of Parliament joined in speeches, singing and dancing, which lasted from dawn to dusk. The Uganda flag raised, drummers played, children, women and men danced in celebration. Hundreds of chickens were prepared during the morning festivities, to be enjoyed at an outdoor feast for all guests.

Great appreciation was expressed for the support of a hospital dedicated to repairing women suffering from a fistula. Supporters like yourself, who have given to see a quality medical facility available for women who live on less than $1.00 a day.

Speakers talked about the importance of the hospital to the region, and how it will transform lives of hundreds of women every year. Uganda has a high maternal mortality and morbidity rate (over 400 per 100,000, compared to 42 per 100,000 in the US), and a very high obstetric fistula rate, with over 1,900 new cases a year. There’s a lot of work to do, with hundreds of women waiting for help. The 30 bed hospital will be able to provide 600 surgeries a year, plus care for women in the 30 bed rehabilitation unit. Prevention programs will be offered, and trained counselors will assist women in reentering their communities.

Everyone in attendance had the opportunity to celebrate, reflect, and take stock of this momentous time. We’re looking forward to building on that energy and excitement as we see the progress of construction. The Soroti community, and the whole Teso Region, supports TERREWODE in building what appears to become the preeminent women’s hospital in Africa. It will take time, but there is a solid start.

Thank you for supporting women’s health.  Please share this mission with your friends and family. Each dollar raised now will have a huge impact, as it closes the campaign! We are grateful for your help in supporting women in Uganda.

Ways you can help:

  • Join us to raise the remaining $100,000 for the hospital campus to ensure that women receive the high quality reproductive healthcare that is desperately needed.  https://www.youcaring.com/terrewode-698378

You can always follow this project at https://www.ugandafistulafund.org/updates

We met w/ Ms Alice Emasu recently & she shared her heartfelt thanks to you from Soroti, Uganda.


Eng. John Julius Muwulya
UNAA Vice President

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