UNAA Leaders and LOC: Chicago is Ready for 2019 Convention

On Sunday April 28th 2019, representatives from UNAA’s executive committee, council, board of trustees and the 2019 Chicago Convention Local Organizing Committee completed a 3-day series of meetings to iron out the last details ahead of the 2019 UNAA Convention and assess the local community’s readiness. At the end of the weekend, UNAA leaders declared the Chicago community was ready to host the convention.

What is the Site Visit?

The site visit is the most important face-to-face planning weekend of the Ugandan North American Association’s leaders. The gathering attracts representatives from all bodies of the organization (executive, council and board of trustees). There are a few reasons for this planning weekend.

  • UNAA leaders listen to the convention local organizing committee and answer questions in a bid to assess the community’s readiness to host the convention.
  • Each leadership organ uses the opportunity to meet and discuss their operations and new strategies.
  • Important assessments of the convention venue take place, including food tasting, hotel tour, boat tour, event space mapping and programming, as well as planning convenience for convention delegates.
  • Special teams such as marketing, entertainment, security, registration, Trade and Investment Forum, Miss Uganda North America, etc get to meet in person for final brainstorming.

Key Outcomes

  • There will be a major focus on security and registration/checkin convenience at the 2019 UNAA convention
  • Plans are full speed ahead to complete the introduction of new programs: a themed business exhibition, a women’s forum, full-day programs for kids and youths, and a more interactive trade and investment forum. Well-performing programs such as Miss Uganda North America, the Venture Podium and Technology Tours will also be getting a boost in support to keep them successful.
  • Expected speakers for the 2019 convention include Ugandan and international inspirational figures from around the world, with a key focus on having more guest speakers living in North America.
  • The 700-capacity Odyssey cruises on Lake Michigan will be the official boat cruise for the convention. With  4 levels of entertainment – including a VIP section – this will be as big as a dinner boat cruise gets.

The Local Organizing Committee chairman, Eddie Kyobe, thanked UNAA leaders for visiting Chicago and reassured everyone present that the local community is both excited and committed to delivering a great experience for convention guests.

UNAA Vice President Eng. John Julius Muwulya and Executive Secretary Peter Mukunya, representing the UNAA executive, promised that the executive will provide all the necessary support that the local community needs, and thanked the local community for rising above their differences to work together.

The 2019 UNAA Convention will run August 29th to September 1st 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago Hotel in Chicago’s downtown. Thousands of delegates are expected, including Ugandan and non-Ugandan cultural enthusiasts, business professionals, leaders and potential investors.

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